Chicken to Get Chickens

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The idea of urban chickens has been intriguing to me since I bought my house and the Knoxville city council started debating. Supposedly now Knoxville home owners have the right to own up to six chickens for egg production. No roosters are allowed on urban properties and the birds cannot be used for meat.

Even though that's what I've "heard" the details are still sketchy and I put a call in to the city of Knoxville to get more information. The receptionist at the city office didn't know who I should talk to and after being transferred to county codes and then calling back for city codes, I remained on hold for 7 minutes. No thank you. I hung up and emailed the Neighborhood Codes manager, Robert this evening. I'll let you know what I find out.

We'll see how long it takes for this news to get to my handsome husband, but I purchased a chicken pen this week from a kind man in Knox County who has owned chickens for years. Most coops are $300 but I got the pen for $25. It will need a tarp for winter and maybe an additional chicken run.

Right now, however, I am paralyzed with fear. I desperately want chickens but am afraid of them dying, getting eaten, not liking their home or being too cold in the winter. If I could just find a "chicken mentor" in Knoxville, I'd have someone to encourage me and walk me through the first day of chicken motherhood.

The breed I'm most interested in right now is the Barred Plymouth Rock, an American breed which is dual purpose (eggs and meat). Aren't they pretty?


Anonymous said...


I've owned chickens for about 7 months now...I highly recommend that you get them. You can go to for any kind of question that you may have or you can email me at You have to put a lot of $$ in to it, which isn't something that I think people realize...I do think the benefits of it are fantastic but they are based on finances, by any means. I keep 5 hens (4 different breeds). Email me if you'd like to chat. :)

Ted Stryk said...

Cato would love it if we got chickens. Then again, for that very reason, I am not sure there would be any benefit to us other than not having to buy cat food for a few days. The local rabbit population might be spared for a little while.

Denae said...

CurlERed - Thanks for the update and your email! I'm considering the cost of hens as you mentioned. Glad you gave me realistic advice.

Ted - Cato and chickens - I think that would work well actually. They'd be buddies.