Cupcake Boot Camp

Monday, 4 October 2010

Out of choices which included getting a tattoo, bungee jumping, body piercing and spa treatments we decided to enroll in Cupcake Boot Camp at The Chopping Block, a cooking school in Chicago for Casey's birthday. We went to the Lincoln Square location and with 6 other women we learned from Chef Ethan.

We started with cheesecake cupcakes and put raspberries inside, under the filling. Chef Ethan also discussed vanilla pods (which we used for the recipe) and how rich the inside is.

We made 5 kinds of cupcakes: Cheesecake, Chocolate Cherry, Peaches and Mascarpone, Banana Peanut Butter and Red Velvet. I am going to ask for a mixer for Christmas because baking is fun!  It just takes organization, preparation and precise measurements.

Delicious baked goods also take a LOT of butter. Look at this picture. It shows the butter and cream cheese  amounts in our cupcakes and the butter for the milk chocolate butter cream we learned to make.

My favorite part of the cupcake baking process is measuring out the different ingredients - and of course taste testing. Chef Ethan taught us to combine our "dried" ingredients in a bowl and also the "wet" ingredients in a bowl and make sure every thing is measured out before we start the mixing process which usually includes the butter and sugar to begin with.

Here's a look at the final product. I certainly enjoyed filling the icing bags and getting the tips ready for frosting. Chef Ethan taught us to hold the bag with our dominant hand and get as close to the cupcake as possible.  We also learned how to make ganache which we dipped the chocolate cupcakes in.

Boot camp included four hours of sweat and tears (not really) but afterwards, I felt confident making cupcakes from scratch and even purchased some materials needed to make them (thermometer and icing equipment) for Halloween treats.


Teri's Blog said...

I love my KitchenAid mixer. Cobalt Blue, 475 watt motor, 6 quart bowl, Epicurean model. They don't make this style anymore. It's just awesome!

Casey said...