Sunday, 10 October 2010
I have made several strong friendships with people I've met on Twitter.  How strange is that? I agree, very strange. However, this is how the modern age can impact social media users and I'm going with it.

Just this week I met up with @KnoxJamie, @LauraBower and @HillaryLake at @Crownandgoose. It was sunny and 80F and we sat on the patio (beer garden) and enjoyed a drink. The meeting also included lots of laughing.

One of the reasons for laughter was @KnoxJamie challenging our waiter to a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors in order to decide between menu items.

We were so excited to get out and celebrate the early days of fall, we snapped a few pictures. @HillaryLake wowed us with stories of her PhD assignments at The University of Oregon and @KnoxJamie talked about blogging and parenting two gorgeous little boys.

The other great part about my favorite hang out (located in the Old City of Knoxville) @CrownandGoose is a fabulous happy hour with amazingly cute wine glasses.

We also enjoyed fun live music by "Gin and Juice." The musician said "Gin" was running late.

Before the evening ended @LauraBower, who is a PR ninja, called over the owner of @CrownandGoose, Jeffrey Nash, and we discussed other developments going into the downtown area and he and I talked about days in London. Lovely girls night out (GNO).

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