Monday, 18 October 2010
I have been a very boring blogger. Please forgive me for not updating daily as I know I should. How about a few random thoughts about the last week or so as a space filler while I think of something fascinating to blog about? Or, feel free to post a topic you would like to discuss and I'll stir up something.

*My friends and I made a fire in my backyard fire pit this weekend and I felt very "of the earth."

*I gave a blogging lesson for the first time last Wednesday and enjoyed every minute of it.

*Math skills do not come easy to me and I cannot remember what I learned in high school algebra.

*While making coffee this morning, I got out 2 mugs. I take this as a good sign that Kingsley will be here soon.

*I purchased and hung drapes in my living room, bedroom and guest bedroom by myself.

*Violet loves classical music so much she lies on her back with all 4 paws curled in the air when I play it.

Anything random in your life you'd like to share? Maybe it will inspire a blog post...

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