Social Media - a Tool or a Drain?

Friday, 8 October 2010
A prominent person at my place of business today told me today he doesn't do much with things like "Facebook or Twitter." This was in a response to me suggesting he start a blog to discuss his hobby. He said, "I know the kind of person I am and I know that things like that drain a lot of my time."

I knew a debate wasn't going to help the situation since we are also decades apart in age but I explained that social media now allows reporters and producers access to story ideas, story sources and provides another way to build a relationship with viewers.

What do you think? Is Facebook and Twitter a "waste of time" or now integral to connect with others in a modern way? Can people still get by successfully without social media or should they attempt to embrace change?


Teri's Blog said...

It's both. I use if for work/research all the time, but I can waste time waiting for my Mom to get on so I can chat with her.

Denae said...

So so true!

LizP said...

I think it's both. It can be a valuable tool for people, especially you :-) But I also think it is possible for people to be successful without it. There are usually good and bad points to most things and as with most things in life, use good judgement and moderation!

Hey, if it weren't for social media we wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to know you when you were living here!!!

Anonymous said...

Both of course! You get what you put into it.