Clearing the woods

Monday, 1 November 2010
I did it! I reclaimed amazing space in the back of our property. We basically have an entire lot behind our house that was completely grown up with saplings, weeds, vines and fallen trees. Here's a "before" shot. This shows the back yard and then the "woods" behind it. The lot extends almost the size of another yard where the tree line begins.

I started one day with a hand saw and clippers. I cut down two trees and clipped back some branches. Then, I wised up and purchased an awesome tool - the Black & Decker Alligator Lopper.

It has "teeth" and works with a battery which can be charged easily and lasts for approximately an hour of work. I purchased this little wonder at The Home Depot for $35 on sale.

After four weeks of clearing the property all day both days of my weekend (one day, Haley, a friend and WATE intern helped me for two hours and another day I hired a guy to cut up two trees with a chain saw) it is ready to be developed into another "dream" space.

The seasons have changed since I snapped the "before" picture.

We've imagined having a hammock between two large trees and perhaps a large "outbuilding" when we can write, do art projects and such.  I even lined the back of the property line with the cut tree pieces. They are lined up like little fence posts.

I can also see having a large bash including a bonfire (in a pit that I need to create) and a keg of Sam Adam's Oktoberfest. Wanna come over?

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Desiree Mills said...

I see loads of potential there. Amazing work x