The Fence is Up

Sunday, 21 November 2010

I snapped this shot from up on the deck so yes, you can still see the neighbor's business but there's certainly a large amount of privacy now compared to before. Our properties are very close together and I spend a lot of time outdoors. The polls seem to be holding up thus far and with help from my friend Whitney, we were even able to make sure the cedar pre-constructed panels were level. (See the before pics here.)

I had to trade "up" drills 3 times during the project (thank you, Home Depot, for your amazing return policy and helpful staff). The Dewalt 3/8in Pistol Grip 7 amp drill did the trick nicely. It is hard to explain how fabulous it is to be able to zip a deck screw (star head) through a 2 x 4 and into a post without it grinding to a halt.

Because my budget for upgrades around the home is not endless, I schemed a way to save major money on the six panels, posts and labor. First, of course, I did all of the work myself (besides the hanging and drilling with Whitney and the panel arranging with Hillary). I also purchased the panels on Craigslist for $20 each ($38 at the hardware store) since they are odd pieces. I used the panels in an "every other" pattern but made sure they were all the same height at the top. For the "shorter" pieces, I want to plant boxwood bushes (Kingsley's clever idea) at the base or arrange landscaping stones.

Thanks again to Whitney who is in her early 20s, tiny, but STRONG. She was lifting the panels easily and never split one while drilling (which I did). 

There is still a bit of work to do on the last panel. It looks crooked to me and I need to secure the final post (it is wobbly now) but what you see in the first picture is the final product for that section. Exciting!

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