Halloween 2010

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

I went as an Urban Chicken Farmer for Halloween this year. As you've probably read on my blog, I'd love to have my own chickens as pets and for fresh eggs. But alas, I've decided late fall isn't the time to start a project that will require lots of outdoor activity. I carried Dora the hen around with me (Kingsley picked her name) and posed for a picture with my friend Melissa who dressed as Mother Nature.

Everyone in our group dressed up and we met at Downtown Brewery in Knoxville where the bar tenders and waitresses were also dressed in '40s attire.

Kem and Ralph brought the peace and love to the group even though Ralph eventually complained of his wig hurting his head. Haa!

Melissa's friend Marion looked adorable in her cat costume. She was a friendly kitty (and resembled Violet).

I had to work the early show the next morning so I didn't stay out too late but enjoyed walking Gay Street at the end of the night to Ace's house. People were dressed up and having fun on a sort-of mild evening before winter sets in.


Annie said...

Love the pics! Halloween makes me miss America a lot! No celebration over here... boo. Looks like you had a great time! :)

Denae said...

Your costume last year was awesome. Lady Gaga!