Law of Attraction

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Kingsley suggested The Secret the other night and I rented it on iTunes. (Pretty cool feature... you can rent movies online!) The narrative is presented in a documentary format and the "experts" discuss the Law of Attraction. It basically works like this - you maintain positive thoughts, more positive things will come your way.

The Law of Attraction is based on a premise that humans emit energy while thinking, moving and interacting. Positive energy attracts positive energy (so they say). People who wish to take advantage of the Law of Attraction are to focus on joy, success and gratitude while imagining more of it in our lives.

Have you ever studied The Secret? I kind of remember when it was all the rage because of Oprah a few years ago. She had the author of the book on her show and so did Larry King. Here's a link to some "success stories" on The Secret website.

I am not one for gimmicks or quick fixes but I already believe a positive attitude makes things better through influencing others. Thoughts?

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Jessica Collins said...

How ironic. Right now I'm reading "The Power" which is a follow-up to the Secret. I don't quite know how completely I believe in it, but I do think that visualizing success (what Olympic athletes do), knowing exactly what you want, resonating love and purposefully changing your thoughts to the positive will lead to good things. And I do believe in the psychological concept of the self-fulfilling prophesy.