Most Embarrassing Moment #2

Friday, 5 November 2010
I worked election night with a freelance photographer, Chris. He used to work at WATE and is a great shooter. We don't know each other but he was easy to work with and quick - which is key on election night. Things were going really well until I made us uncomfortable.

It wasn't intentional.

We went to an apartment fire to cover breaking news and it was cold out. My sinuses have been killing me this year and my nose started running. I really needed a tissue. I didn't have one.


I stared digging in my purse for something to wipe my nose with. I wasn't going to use my sleeve (I was wearing a suit) and there were no napkins or Kleenex in the news car. Ugh! What to do?

I noticed I had a sanitary napkin in the side pocket of my purse and the wrapper was a cotton fabric. Perfect! I didn't have time to be picky so I unwrapped the item, wiped my nose with the wrapper and got back to work.

The awkward part came hours later when we were rushing to get our election interview back to the station. We pulled in to the parking lot, jumped out of the car and practically ran to the building. Just as we got to the door, I whipped out my wallet to get my key card which would let us in. Stuck to the side of my wallet was a big, white pad and there was no way of hiding it. Chris kindly looked away and didn't mention it. Oh. My. Goodness.

Sometimes my life is very embarrassing.


Casey said...

Oh Lord. Yes, that is funny, love!

Desiree Mills said...

haha hilarious!!