Chef's Choice

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Over our girls' weekend Casey, Angelica and I took advantage of call ahead seating at Nama Sushi downtown and waited while one of the 6 booths cleared out.

Our server (wish I remembered her name) was attentive, knowledgeable and understood the menu. She suggested we choose 3 "Chef's Choice" sushi rolls among others and took note of our likes and dislikes before buzzing off to speak with the Chef.

One of the Chef's Choice rolls came out with kiwi, fresh tuna and cilantro oil drizzle... an amazing taste combination. This one had more of a "fruity" taste and had just a touch of ginger to give it some spice.

Our next Chef's Choice roll came out with a creamy cucumber relish and avocado topping fresh salmon ribbons. I especially liked this one because the rolls contained a little bit of cucumber as well which gave it a slightly crunchy texture.

Put your taste buds' trust in your Chef next time you are at a top-notch sushi joint. We were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the mystery of discovering new taste sensations.

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