Christmas Morning 2010

Sunday, 26 December 2010

I had to work on Christmas so Violet and I were alone in the morning. Knoxville saw a light dusting of snow and she went outside to have a look.

I made quiche for breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, onions and Italitan tomatoes with oregano and garlic. It turned out nicely. 350F for one hour. Use Canola oil in the pie plate before pouring in the mixture.

My wreath this year was made out of real materials and held the place of a tree. I decided not to put up a Christmas tree since my sweetie isn't here yet. 

Violet played Mrs. Santa Claus for a little while even though she didn't like her hat. 

Later in the day, my good friend Jamie invited me over to have dinner with her family. It was amazing! Sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, homemade mac and cheese, stuffing, turkey, ham, rolls and appetizers. Wowser.

Nice spread and such kind, considerate people. The kids had some awesome gifts and I fired Nerf guns and raced match box cars down a long, loopy track.

I could've been a little sad and lonely on Christmas but because of someone's generosity, this news orphan had a place to enjoy good food, great company and a new holiday experience. 

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Oooo, put up the quiche recipe!