Facebook Family Christmas Wishes

Thursday, 23 December 2010

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I have a Facebook page that I use to connect with friends and viewers. Feel free to add me, Denae D'Arcy WATE. Today, I asked viewers and friends, "If you could have one thing this Christmas that isn't a material object, what would it be?" I received some heartfelt responses:

Donna said, "To celebrate Christmas with those special people who have passed on."

Dale shared, "To have my health back and to be with my family."

"Patience," said Samantha.

Melissa wants "A white Christmas!"

Miles said, "Better health and less weight."

Heather gave a funny but honest answer, "Does a husband count? I've been asking for one for years now. Maybe the chimney isn't wide enough."

Julie's answer was sweet. She wants "Love. I share love with family and friends but it's time to settle down (and I want to)."

Jessica would ask for "peace and happiness."

PerSempre said, "All the animals to have good forever homes. It would mean I wouldn't be doing rescue anymore but that would be a great thing."

Carrie wants "more time with family!"

Nicole was also thinking of family. She said, "My family all together!"

Valerie said, "I would love to have Jeremy pain free for Christmas and his kids here with us!!!"

Thank you to all who shared.

If I could have a Christmas wish that didn't include things it would be for my family to be together. Kingsley and I will be apart again this Christmas and his family is all in South Africa. How nice it would be to wake up on Christmas morning and all spend the day together!

What's your wish?


Teri's Blog said...

Merry Christmas!

Jinjajam said...

Hi sweet Denae, I have only just seen your blog,and my heart if filled with love Oh how I would love us all to be together. Kingsley is so blessed to have found you . love always Nan. xxx