Hitting the Ice

Sunday, 12 December 2010

If you want some good, old-fashioned fun, try ice skating this winter. My girlfriends from undergraduate school were in town this weekend and Casey and I decided to slough off the wrinkles of maturity and get wet on the ice rink floor. Okay, luckily we didn't even fall down once but I wasn't so sure while we were waiting in line.

Casey is a good sport but I found out later this isn't her first whirl around the rink. Angelica, who you will meet in the next post, decided not to venture out on blades because she has a small child to care for (hard to do if you are in a body cast I assume). We waited for our skates and became increasingly aware of a gaggle of children running to and fro in front of us. The entire arena was full of tiny children. (Notice exhibit A below - children that are just a blur behind Casey.)

The skates were fairly new and not as uncomfortable as I remembered back in the day. Seems like skaters used to basically wear tight-fitting, wooden/leather shoes that sat atop butter knives of sorts. Ours were high-tech but alas, did not match our outfits.

Angelica stood outside the rink laughing but took cute pictures. I'm trying to pose without falling down while children perform death-defying moves all around us. Best $10 I've spent this week.

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