Mini Carson-Newman Reunion

Friday, 24 December 2010
When my besties Casey and Angelica were in town, I took them to my favorite "local." Crown and Goose is not only decorated to the nines this time of year, it is also spacious with great service. After much to-do, I was able to secure a reservation for the coveted "red sofas" and many of our friends from undergraduate school showed up to celebrate having Case and Angel in town.

We took a quick photo with some of the ladies that met during our days in Butler and Swan halls. We love our Perri and Amber! No one has aged a day in the 10 years since we went to school together (ahem, I'm sure you agree...).

Kelly was also there. Despite just having baby Lilly, she showed up with her charming husband, Eddie to have a drink and tell us about life with a new baby!

Other Knoxville besties, Adrian and Larsen also attended the soiree. They were out finishing last minute Christmas shopping and stopped to have a drink. Ace knows Casey from my wedding and Angelica from when she lived in Knoxville.

I miss having guests in town. Here's to friends and family visiting in 2011!

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Annie said...

I share your wish for 2011! May it be filled with happiness, joy and hope.