Top Blog Posts of 2010

Sunday, 26 December 2010
I quickly read through my blog posts from 2010. How in the world did this year go by so quickly? While not easy, I narrowed down some of my favorites for you. Here's 5 of the best:

Post that drew a lot of comments: Weight Just a Minute (My opinion on obesity and what it takes to stay out of that category.)

Post about sex: Abstinence (Thoughts on Bristol Palin's campaign to encourage teens to wait until marriage to sleep together.)

Post where I admit I was wrong: Twilight and New Moon (Entertaining, good reads. Critics took themselves too seriously when they first reviewed this book. I bought into it until I actually read them.)

Post about an embarrassing situation: Most Embarrassing Moment #2 (Sometimes I do really strange things. This is the account of one of those occassions.)

Post about the busiest and most expensive day of my life: Quick Recap (Moved to another state, bought a car, bid on a house, all in the same day.)

Bonus post about being back in the South: Bible Belt (Stranger tries to pray the sinner's prayer with me in my back yard.)

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