Visa Update and Airport Observations

Wednesday, 29 December 2010
If you're wondering...

The US Embassy in London updated their list of cases on December 22, 2010 and ours didn't move up at all. In fact, we're farther down the list than we were before.  The web page says to not count the list as moving in a certain order but COME ON. We sent in our application on August 26th. Processing time is 3 to 6 months. It has been 4 months thus far and we've heard nothing. We're in the middle of the waiting madness. 

Really, though, I'll wait another month or two as long as the answer to our waiver application is YES.

Right now I'm at the Knoxville airport people watching. My flight has been delayed (of course) and I'm just killing time by blogging, tweeting and facebooking. 

Airport observations (if you are a regular reader, you know this is one of my favorite things to blog about)

People carry on huge bags now days and try to let three slide by the "carry on two bags only" rule.
3 out of 4 TSA agents (at least in this airport) are obese.
One of the Delta ticket agents I dealt with while checking in was condescending and rude. The other one was amazingly professional and kind. 
New books are outrageously over-priced. 
I can easily imagine what people would look like without all the extra fat. 
I need to make sure I stand/walk with my back straight and head up to look the world in the eyes.
Travel pillows (the ones you buy for $12.99 and go around your neck) aren't firm enough. 
So glad I decided to travel with my fur. Very warm.
Horizontal, wide, colorful stripes on a sweater? No.
Japanese women seem to have the most well-behaved children.

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