Dreaming of Spring

Saturday, 29 January 2011
It was mid 60s today in Knoxville. I couldn't believe it! The sun was shining, three little grey squirrels were playing in the yard and birds were singing. The moment was made even "shinier" by a present from my mother-in-law. She sent an adorable garden sign with chimes and labels for a herb garden!

I have already started dreaming about a garden for 2011. My wish list is below and please include yours in the comments. Also, if you are experienced with gardening, please leave tips on the easiest crops. This is my second year growing food.

Herb garden:
Basil (more than one variety)
Mint (for Mojitos!)
Cilantro (lots of it)

Vegetable garden:
Green onions
Green peppers
Red peppers
Cherry tomatoes
Vine tomatoes (not sure which variety)
Green beans (super easy to grow)
Zucchini squash

Fruit tree:
Blueberry bush (I'd like to try 2)

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Teri's Blog said...

So not fair! I miss 60 degrees!!!