Good Luck to Bob

Tuesday, 18 January 2011
I've known Bob for 10 years and worked weekends with him for about 3 of those years. He is leaving WATE under some bummer circumstances that can't be discussed and I'll miss him! We decided to meet at Crown and Goose in the Old City to wish him luck.

Most of the weekend crew was there: Ron, Whitney, Erica and Dave (who doesn't work weekends but is a friend of Bob's).

The cheese board is always a big hit. The cranberries/walnuts/honey garnish is easy to do on a cheese plate at home.

My good friends Jamie and Hillary also came out to have a drink and catch up. We have to do something to try to slough off the winter blues! There's snow in the forecast for Knoxville again. Nooo!


Tina L. Hook said...

Good Luck to Bob. And CUTE hat.

Annie said...

Best of luck to Bob. And I second FloridaGirl... Awesome hat!!! Fedoras are so hot for 2011!