Kitties Rule

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Quick update on Violet and Lily. The girls are doing well. While they don't curl up together or lick each other's ears, they are now getting along. Violet watches Lily's every move. Lily is pretty chill and is so happy with any show of affection.

She's funny - always wants to be where I am and will lie on my arm while I'm trying to type. Lily is also very vocal and makes the funniest meow noises.

Animals make life better. If I've had a bad day, the second I get home and find two kitties who are happy to see me, the stress melts away.

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Annie said...

Aww! They are so precious! Do you keep them separated while you're gone? I think they will learn to love each other. When we got a kitten for our fat old man, he was NOT happy at first, but now they snuggle and clean each other. Cuuuuute! :)