London Highlights 1

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Kingsley and I were fortunate enough to be asked to house-sit for his good friend who was away for the month. The attached cottage with the black door in the picture was our home for the week. It was located in Teddington, which is south of London by about a 30 minute train ride. I know that sounds like a long way away from the center of the city but it really isn't by big-city standards and is still considered London.

We were able to play, explore, visit tourist sites, shop, pub crawl, see friends and romance one another. Even though we weren't in some exotic, warm location, I had a wonderful time. London, as I like to say, is a perfect city to visit if you have at least a week.

One day we went to the British Museum to tour two traveling Buddhist exhibits and then we wandered around Covent Garden (one of my most favorite parts of London). The pub (I've been there at least 8 times) which serves pies or "pasties" as they are called in London, was crowded but we were still able to find a nook upstairs and have a pint while warming up.

I wasn't suffering much jet lag at this point and was so happy to be relaxing with my darling with good food and great views over the Covent Garden antique and boutique markets. Often there are street performers and we watched a woman dressed in a hot pink body suit doing a gymnastic show on a high bar. The crowd loved her.

Wondering about the weather in London? It wasn't freezing while I was there and remained a decent 38 to 40F degrees for the high most days. We were only rained on once but of course the skies stayed gray. Since London is an island, there are, at times, stiff breezes. We immediately went to a street shop after arriving above ground on the public transportation line (referred to as the tube) and found hats to wear. After we had something on our heads, we weren't too cold to walk the streets of Convent Garden, Piccadilly Circus and Soho arm in arm.