New Addition to the Fam

Thursday, 13 January 2011
For 2011, one of my resolutions was to add to my animal family. Violet needed a playmate, someone to snuggle with while Mommy was working long hours. Now she has Lily, formerly known as Sundance..

Lily is a lovely little girl. She is 3 years old, only 8lbs and very affectionate. I visited the Young Williams Animal Village (the new facility on Kingston Pike) on Wednesday and she was the second cat that came to me.

The first kitty was a handsome male but he was active with his claws and I had visions of shredded furniture. Lily crept over to me and rubbed her little head on my hand. When I just look at her, she purrs. Since I was hoping to adopt a cat that was sponsored ($75 fee already paid for), Lily was the perfect match. I filled out the application, watched the new owner's video and away we went! She didn't like being in the carrier but only cried once during the car ride home.

One of my Twitter followers suggested the name Tiger Lily after I threw out several choices such as Magnolia, "Maggie" for short, Persimmon, Ivy, Ivory, Pearl, Amber... I wanted a nature-esque name since "Violet" is a flower and also a color. Tiger Lily is perfect since the wildflower is indigenous to Eastern Tennessee, they grow in our backyard and Lily has an orange/cream color. Kingsley said she is a "Vol kitty." (The Tennessee Volunteers' color is orange.)

Violet howled, growled and puffed up her tail when she first met Lily. Lily showed no aggression and quietly walked away. The two cats are now interacting somewhat and Lily seems to love "her" bedroom where for now, I keep her food, water and litter box. At least she has a sort of retreat and Violet rarely goes in there anyway. I'm hoping they will become sister-friends soon.


Natasha said...

She is lovely! I Love reading about all your latest adventures..and miss you terribly

Chris F. said...

I enjoyed reading this and love the photos. I hope they turn to be the best of friends. I would like to get a pet when the money and time permits.

~C~ said...

I can't remember how old Violet is, but I got our male cat, Niko, when Sylvie was 4 1/2, hoping that he would be a docile companion who would continue to let her rule the roost. She's 7 pounds, he's now 12 or 13 and she has hated him since day one. We love them both but have regretted getting the second cat. They fight constantly. Maybe 2 females would have been better. I wish you MUCH better luck than what we have had (oh, we've had Niko now for almost 2 1/2 years).