Wednesday, 12 January 2011
Find out what it means to me.

Let's take it back to professional basics. Respect your colleagues and opponents. Retain some level of sophistication even in the midst of competition. The way to win the race is a steady pace without throwing your foot out on the field to trip a player and giggling to yourself. If you are caught tripping someone, screaming, pointing fingers and saying... "but HE ran to my side of the field" makes things worse. If the spotlight is on you for a mistake, use it as an opportunity to gain support by being real.

This is a euphemism of course for our state of national politics.

I drone on and on about extremism. Extreme Christians, extreme hippies, extreme police officers, extreme tv entertainers, extreme over-eaters, extreme drinkers, extreme health proponents, extreme spenders, extreme, greedy CEOs... are not healthy for society. We need balance. Balance helps us not act out, not get too angry, not beat our kids, not quit our jobs in a fit of rage... etc.

STOP the messages of hate in your community when you can. Hate = extremism. No matter what your position or beliefs, don't stand for extreme messages from entertainers, politicians, leaders, friends or family.

Maybe you'll save a life.

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