I'm Addicted

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Have you seen Mad Men on AMC? My best friend Casey ordered Season 1 for me for Christmas. Best. Gift. Ever. Except now I'm hooked. Like a drug, I can't get enough! The fictional series is set in the 60s and shows the behind-the-scenes lives of men who work for an advertising agency in New York City.

The fashion is amazing. I have become a big fan of costume designer Janie Bryant. She captures vintage glam perfectly. Even the furniture is from the 60s. The ladies play the best characters: Betsy, Joan and Peggy.

Season 5 will start this year. Don't miss it!


The Food Hound said...

I so need to rent this on Netflix! I'm working my way through the Tudors presently!

Annie said...

Ah yes, this is a very fine show. Some people complain that it is too slow or whatever, but this is a drama where a lot of the plot is revealed between the lines. It can be aggravating at times to witness the misogynist comments and behavior, but I think it gives a realistic portrait of what the workplace was like before the feminist movement really took off. And I am absolutely in love the the fashion, the style and the sultry mode. Two thumbs up!

Chris F. said...

I don't watch much TV as it is. However, I have seen a fair share of episodes and thought they were enjoyable.

LizP said...

It is awesome! We've been watching it since it started and were hooked after the first episode.

You know those roundish drinking glasses with the silver rims they use in the office??? I have a set :-) Now I won't let anyone use them!

Denae said...

The Food Hound - The Tudors is also a fantastic show. I loved watching it in London when it aired there.

Annie - Yes. I get frustrated at times watching Sexism at its prime. My most horrific moment so far was when the Drapers go to the park and just dump all their trash on the ground when they are finished! Times have changed, thank goodness.

Liz P - How fun! I want some of the roundish glasses they drink champagne out of. The flutes we use now must be "modern."