Friday, 18 February 2011
I went to Columbus this week to celebrate my mom's birthday. Part of our fun was to clean out her old jewelry boxes, find gold pieces that she no longer wears and take it in to her jeweler. I've been suggesting she do this for months but finally I convinced her to dig through it all and sort it out. This was also a chance for me to try on every piece she owns and help her inventory it.

Admist the clean-out, I decided to put on her old wedding band (she hasn't worn it in years). We have small fingers (size 4 1/2 ring finger) but her band must be a size 4. I forced it on to see what it looked like with my engagement diamond. Bad move. I noticed it was pretty tight but didn't give it much thought. Mom didn't mind if I wore it so I tried not to think about her wedding band being stuck on my finger.

The next morning, I tried to force the ring off and got it to my knuckle. My finger turned red and then purple. I stopped trying. Later that day, I stuck my hand in ice water, hoping to shrink my finger enough to inch the ring off. Didn't work. I called our jeweler and he said he didn't have a tool to even cut it off - that I would have to go by the local fire station to get it cut off. I called my dad at work and asked if he had tools. He also suggested the local fire hall. When I said, "Okay, but what about the embarrassment factor?" He replied, "Tell them you're from Tennessee."

Man, I was hating life at this point. Who does that? Why force a ring on that is going to be impossible to get off? Wow. Big trouble. I wasn't about to go to the fire station and make an idiot out of myself.

Thursday night, mom broke out the Crisco and ran cold water over my finger. She started twisting the ring up my finger rather than just pulling it off. She edged it to the middle of my ring finger knuckle and I was mentally in a dream state, attempting to rise above the pain. My dad was watching and finally said, "It's not going to go. The knuckle is bruised. I'll try to hack saw it."

We went downstairs to his work shop while I did lamaze breathing pushing the ring off of my knuckle again. He put my finger in a vice grip upside down and got out a tiny saw. I didn't see that going well so we tried a heavy duty pipe cutting tool. I held my breath while he eased the tool over the band, carefully to not pinch my skin. He gave it some pressure and thankfully it cut the little band easily. We pried it off. No blood, some sweat and no tears. You have to love a Daddio with good tools. He saved me.

Thankfully my mom remains patient with my bizarre actions and wasn't angry with me. She no longer wears the ring and can get it repaired if she wants to. I'll be footing the bill for that. I'm starting to finally get feeling back in the finger as well. Things are looking up!
Interesting video on how to get a stuck ring off your finger. This wouldn't have worked for me.

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