Echo Bistro and Wine Bar

Sunday, 27 March 2011
My mom is a sort of foodie too so when the parents come into town, we like to try a new restaurant, especially if there is anything at all we can celebrate. Friday night we went to Echo Bistro and Wine Bar in Bearden on Kingston Pike. While I think of the place as new, it is actually a year old this month.

We were greeted by the hostess as we walked in. She held the door for all of us and escorted us to our reserved table (we made reservations for 7:30pm). Upon being seated, our server introduced himself and presented the table with glasses of water with a frozen melon ball in them. Nice touch! Our glasses were refilled constantly and everyone seemed very attentive. Our waiter was able to help us choose between two bottles of wine and even brought a taste from an opened bottle. We went with the Mark West, California Pinot Noir, vintage. It was truly amazing.

For food, we started with a 1/2 dozen fire roasted Apalachicola oysters with garlic, parsley, shallot and lemon butter. The dish was $6.95 so appetizers are reasonably priced. Even if you didn't want to have dinner, this would be a great spot for appetizers and drinks on the patio (they have a small outdoor space) this summer.

CEC and co-owner of the restaurant Scott Simmerman came out to visit with us. He gave us recommendations on the entrees and also talked about how some of the dishes are prepared. Even just a moment of his time certainly made us feel special and informed about our food choices. He sold dad on the Bison Strip Steak "Denmark" topped with sauteed shiitake mushrooms, country ham and blue cheese crumbles, topped with leaks and greens. Chef recommends ordering this dish rare or medium rare.

Mom and I ordered the chef's special to split. It consisted of surf and turf and the lump crab meat was out of this world, served with roasted beets and an impressive demi glace. Echo Bistro is one to try.

Over all, a wonderfully pleasant evening and certainly memorable.  It was very nice of my parents to drive the 5+ hours to visit me and help me with projects around the house (more to come on that).

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Chris F. said...

Looks yummy! I will have to give this place a try in the near future.