Flooding Cleanup

Sunday, 6 March 2011

There is a small creek that runs through my property. It isn't really a creek but a sort of culvert that is supposed to help with flooding. The city of Knoxville owns it and it really needs to be dug out a bit more.

When we had about four inches of rain in a matter of hours on Monday, it flooded and was almost up to my house. My next door neighbor had to pump water out of his basement and there is mud everywhere.

My raised garden washed away (such a bummer because I'd been composting for months) and a huge amount of debris slammed against my privacy fence and caused it to lean. Check out this large log that somehow ended up in the yard:

It doesn't look that big in the picture but it is about five feet long and 12 inches around. I can't move it so for now, it is part of the "landscaping." Also in the yard, beyond a few plastic children's toys and some old beer cans, were two pieces of a tree that are also large and became hung up on the fence.

I cleaned up all the old leaves, raked them and moved them to a new compost pile. We have brush pick-up from the city so I moved a huge pile of limbs to the curb and got to work on the fence. I used materials I had at home to prop it back up then began to dig around the posts. The wet ground loosened the concrete somewhat but I was able to break up some of it with a hammer and mix new quick set. It feels sturdy but I'm letting it set for a few days before I remove the supports.

Ah, the trials of homeownership! Flooding had never once crossed my mind. It is interesting to go through the seasons as a homeowner. I learned that my back yard will be almost six inches deep in acorns in the fall, the road in front of the house can be extremely slick in the winter and in the spring, there's a danger of flooding.

My basement was fairly dry but water had seeped in through the entrance. At least we had some sunny and 60s days which made the cleanup a lot more pleasant. 

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