Girls Night In

Saturday, 26 March 2011
A couple of weeks ago it hit me, I need to have the girls over for champagne cocktails and appetizers. Sometimes you just need to get through the end of a dreary winter with a little laughter and estrogen.

Adrian (standing), Maureen, Hillary, Angie, Melissa and Melissa (not pictured) stopped by for a couple of hours. We talked about horses, teaching, the news industry, lobbying in Nashville and of course boys occasionally. The night was fun and full of food. Melissa, Melissa and I even watched The Kids are All Right with Annette Bening (Oscar nomination) later in the evening. Great movie!

The menu included crudites (served Martha Stewart style - cut long and presented in little glasses), turkey cheese meatballs, bread bowls with Shiitake mushroom filling, olives, cheddar slices topped with a walnut/honey mixture, chocolate bite size cupcakes and another set of bite size cupcakes which Maureen brought from Magpies (amazing assortment of flavors!).

We sipped on Strawpayne (strawberry puree topped with champagne) and Champango (mango nectar with champagne). I really enjoyed the evening and hope my guests did too.

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