St. Patrick's Day

Wednesday, 30 March 2011
I can't believe it is almost April! St. Patrick's Day is fun for me because it signals Spring is on the way. Whitney, Jamie Lynn and I and friends met out to celebrate. Of course we all wore green and snapped a few pictures together.

The establishments in the Old City use the holiday as a chance to make money of course so we all had to buy a "pub crawl" wrist band for $7. I'm not into paying cover in this little town but instead of complaining we just paid up and went in to Barley's. We could get into Barley's, Bliss (new martini bar), Crown and Goose and Carleos.

Saint Patrick's Day is a religious holiday that celebrates the coming of Christianity to Ireland. Wikipedia says the holiday began as a feast day in the 17th century and eventually turned into a secular celebration.

We all felt the luck of the Irish and were happy to have a reason to get together with friends and consider the "green" days coming in Spring and Summer.

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Annie said...

Fun times! You look absolutely stunning! What I miss about America is all the holidays, St. Pat's, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween...etc. Always an occasion to go out to have a bevy :) I also love your profile pic with the fedora, sooooo chic!