127 Hours Review (spoiler alert)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I am fairly critical of movies because they can be a big waste of time and money when they aren't very good. Too many directors, writers and producers are trying to make a buck by propping up an A-lister on a weak plot and boring dialoge.

Of the movies I've seen lately, 127 Hours tops them all. It has impressively precise pacing, creative editing and a directing style that makes the viewer feel like she's with the main character.

The movie centers on Aron Ralston, a hiker that goes for a day trip to a canyon in Utah. He doesn't tell anyone where he is going and seems to be distant with his family (never answers their calls). While hiking and doing some dare-devil moves over the canyon, he slips. When he comes to rest after falling several feet, a boulder that was knocked lose crashes down on top of him, crushing his arm and trapping him.

The main actor who plays Ralston (James Franco) convincingly captured the desperation, decline of mental facilities and dehydration that ulitmately comes during the 127 hours he's trapped. After 5 days, and realizing he will die in the canyon, Ralston gets the courage to break his own arm on the boulder. He then uses his dull pocket knife to cut off his arm below the elbow. *Yes, really.*

Not only does he survive the amputation, the hiker has to climb about 10 miles until he runs into a family that gives him water and rushes ahead to alert emergency crews. The ending (when the viewer and character together finally realize he survived) is such a successful cinematic climax that I cried (the last movie I cried in was probably The Last of the Mochicans, 1992).

I came away entertained, in awe of the human will to survive and highly inspired to succeed with goals and dreams. The movie is based on the true story, Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Aron Ralston. I'm also on the lookout for the book. I also want the soundtrack from the movie. Great music!

P.S. The movie is now available on Netflix

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~C~ said...

I read the book and now want to see the movie. Great read! Very compelling.