Compost Bin DIY

Sunday, 3 April 2011
I've wanted an extra large compost bin but didn't want to spend $149 on something that is meant to hold rotting plant material. So, I collected some of the lumber that the last homeowner dumped in the back lot and laid out a basic frame.

I plugged in my screwdriver on the 100 ft extension cord (which has a fancy wind-up recoil) and got started. Problem was, the screws weren't really going into the boards and it was raining. I gave up, went in and called Daddio.

He suggested I get different screws (drywall 3") and pre-drill the holes. I was using 3" wood to wood screws but they weren't driving.

After getting what I needed, I got back to work. It was still raining but the job started going much better with the right tools.

Ta da! It is very ugly but I'm proud of the first thing I've ever build. Now, does anyone know if it needs a cover in order for the materials to decompose properly? Thanks for any advice.

P.S. I truly reached eco-Wonder Woman status today when, while digging post holes for another project, I picked up worms along the way and threw them into the compost bin.


Jinjajam said...

Oh you are just BRILLIANT....I just love your " GO DO IT " attitude.I raise all my hats to you!!! always wanted a compost heap with worms ....John just could not be bothered !!!
10 gold stars !!! love you darling xxxxx

Perri said...

I can't help with an idea for the coverning, but we also have a compost bin. Here's a suggestion that has helped us use it more: Keep a small, closed lid container of some sort under your kitchen sink for your kitchen waste (peelings, seeds, paper towels). That way, you don't have to walk outside everytime you're cooking in the kitchen.

LJ said...

Cool project Denae! Way to go :)

Denae said...

Friends! The best part of this project is your comments. Thanks so much. We are supposed to have strong winds tonight. Let's hope the poor thing stands up. Perri - thanks for the tip! Nan - John could make one with customized, hand-turned posts!! :)

Crystal Young said...

compost needs light, water and air to do it's thing. You have to watch how much of each you put in there because if you don't tend to it often it can create enough heat to start a fire. There is a really good tutorial on Lowe's website. There are a lot of how to videos on there. Look at the rain barrel stuff to. They show you how to make one, it's awesome.

Annie said...

Wow, Denae! The worms are going to have a feast! :) The bin looks like the one my parents had when I was little. I don't think you need a lid... but I am no expert. I second Perri - keeping a bucket or something handy in the kitchen is useful. I am thinking about getting a bunny that can eat my veggie peels... :)

Denae said...

Crystal - going to check out the Lowe's video. Thank you! Annie - love that you had a compost bin growing up. I first learned about it as a kid as well from my grandmother. Get a bunny!