Cornish hen angel hair pasta with parsley and spring onions

Sunday, 10 April 2011
My grandmother taught me how to roast Cornish hens years ago. You wash and pat the bird dry. Add salt and pepper, inside and out. Add fresh Rosemary springs to the cavity of the bird and sprinkle on top. Truss the bird (tie the legs together or cut skin and thread through).

I roasted it at 350F for an hour and 20 minutes (times vary with different ovens). Cut into the breast and if the juices run clear, take the bird out to settle. Once it cools, tear apart meat into bite-size pieces.

Prepare angel hair pasta. Don't forget to salt the water.

I picked parsley from my herb garden, washed and cut it with kitchen shears over the poultry. I also sliced four spring onions and added it to the meat with olive oil and salt and pepper to marinate. Drain the pasta, add a small amount of butter while it is still hot, then toss all of together in the hot pasta pot.

Delicious for spring.

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overtly trite said...

1/2 a lemon in the cavity is good too