Shed DIY Part 4, Finale

Saturday, 16 April 2011
This past week on my days off, I was able to build a shed door and hang it. I also sealed the wood with Thompson's Waterseal. We had strong winds and rain last night and the thing is somehow still standing. Woohoo! Thanks for watching the progress. I'm ready for a new project.


Jinjajam said...

Your shed is AMAZING darling well ...well...done ...but of course the very best part is the AWESOME 'WELCOME TO MY GARDEN' sign!....I just love it to bits.
Hope it survived the bad weather I heard you were having ..Love you forever xxxxxxxx

Jinjajam said...

Fantastic darling...just love the sign it looks you xxxxxx

Denae said...

Thanks so much, Nan! It is raining again today but at least with the flooding the shed survived. Haha! Love you. xx