Shed DIY

Wednesday, 6 April 2011
I have a "mud room." That's a tiny room that leads to the back deck from the kitchen. It's great because if you are outside doing yard work, you can stop in the mud room and take off your boots and work gloves and have a place to put them. Unless you have all of your tools and junk in the mud room because you don't have any other storage outside. That's my situation. So I really, really want a shed.

Have you ever priced a new shed? Medium wood sheds are almost $4,000. (!!) Who in the world can afford that? Not me.

Begin: Project Shed. I just figured I'd build a very simple one myself. My pole shed will be 4x6 and the walls will be constructed out of six foot pine pickets, wood from the cull bin at Home Depot and reclaimed posts.

I have already dug the holes, poured the fast-set concrete and set the posts. After not finding many how-to videos on YouTube concerning pole sheds and certainly not many with women as the builder, I made my own video. Here's part 1 of How to Build a Pole Shed (disclaimer - I'm just learning here):

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