Turks and Caicos - Da Conch Shack

Tuesday, 26 April 2011
We had a fabulous lunch on Sunday at Da Conch Shack. Mom and I researched a few of the local eateries and found this little gem on the north side of the island on Blue Hills Road.

The conch fritters are recommended and the seafood is very fresh...so fresh in fact, a guy paddle-boards, collects conchs, brings them to the shore and they're prepared almost in front of you. I snapped a shot of him bringing in his catch.

The weather was slightly overcast on Sunday but we chose a great little blue picnic table on the white sand. We were close to where two artisans were selling conch shells and even Queen conchs. Kingsley checked it out and later bought a shell for mom.

Kingsley and I even took a picture together. We're happy!

On the island, a local brewery makes the Turks Head beer. There's a lager and an amber. The guys favor the lager.

Mom loves her shell. :)

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