2011 WordCount Blogathon

Sunday, 1 May 2011
I've registered for a challenge that asks participants to blog every single day of May. Why would I sign up for something like that, you might ask. The reason: I noticed someone else on Twitter doing it so I thought I'd give it a go.

In celebration of this endeavor, I'm posting a couple of questions and my answers about blogging. If you have your own blog, please copy the questions, link them back here and post a comment so I can read your answers. Please check back daily to see if I'm keeping up with the challenge.

1. Why do you blog? I blog to keep my writing skills fresh. Also, while I realize I'm not one of the smartest out there, I do read a lot and like to be educated and hopefully educate others. I also blog to keep in touch with my grandma. She reads my blog every day and I'm able to show her what I'm up to.

2. Best part of blogging? Celebrating a blog post in which I was able to fully express my thoughts and emotions regarding a subject.

3. Worst part of blogging? Editing and uploading pictures takes forever and Blogger isn't that user-friendly when it comes to arranging a post to include multi-media items.

4. How would you like to improve your blog? I'd like to make my blog more visually appealing. I find the template to be a bit boring. There are certainly other looks I could go for but then I teeter back to liking a simple design to guarantee it isn't too busy on a computer screen.

5. Advice for other bloggers? Start with short posts and post as often as possible.

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