Wednesday, 25 May 2011
So I had the best idea last week. I'll sell my Ford Explorer, pay off the small lien and buy a car with cash! Why? I'm still on the debt-free track and when Kings gets here, we'll need two cars so why not go for something dependable but older? (I really want to begin world travel again and I choose to save for that.)

My budget isn't expansive but I feel confident I can find a ride that is decent and will run for the next few years without car payments. Well, this is the most I've stressed myself out since planning my own wedding two years ago. I haven't had my own transportation for 4 days.

A wonderful family purchased my Explorer on Saturday and I was a little surprised that the whole thing moved so quickly but it did and here we are. I've driven three private party cars so far (found on Craigslist) and looked at vehicles at a dealer (they were either hail damaged or had no A/C in my price range). Nothing was even close to something I'd fork over cash for.

Today I rode my bike all the way to Broadway from my street to pick up supplies (a.k.a beer and groceries). That's more than a couple of miles with a few hills built in for interest. The only reason I don't fully commit to a life of biking is that I have to travel on Tazwell Pike which has a speed limit of 45mph (fast) and very narrow shoulders. Not ideal for biking at all.

The point of this post is to b*tch about how lame East Tennessee is when it comes to public transportation. I don't even have SIDEWALKS to travel on and I live in the city of Knoxville. The closest bus stop to where I live is at least a mile away. That is unacceptable. What do people who truly have no money do to get to work? If you live in the city, you pay more money. Citizens should at least be able to count on sidewalks and bus travel when paying more taxes to reside within city limits.

If you see me pedaling around town, perhaps avoid talk of your new BMW getting a scratch. My bicycle helmet fits only so-so since I purchased it at a yard sale but I can swing it fast and it might not feel nice upside ya' head. (Note: I do not advocate violence. I'm just making a point while trying to facilitate a laugh.)

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Teri's Blog said...

You should do a story on the lack of public transportation! Or find people who don't have vehicles and how the get to work. Or something like that.