Email Fail

Tuesday, 3 May 2011
I wonder what the psychological effects are of being forcefully separated from your loved one. At the end of my day today, I typed a long email to Kingsley because I just miss him. I wanted to talk about stupid things like the lawn guy cancelling his services (so annoying!) and my brother's truck getting broken into. Before I could send it, I somehow lost the email. I sat there for a few seconds exhaling and tears pricked my eyes. Losing an email isn't something to cry about. But in my case, sometimes it is.

I can't talk to Kingsley when I want to because he's in another time zone asleep so he can start his day in a few hours. We spoke through Skype three times today but during two of the conversations the calls went in and out and had strange echoes. It was impossible to carry on a conversation besides "How's your day? Fine, how's your day?" That hurts. I want to tell him about what the cats did this morning and find out if his food poisoning symptoms are better. Today, it seems, I can't even communicate through email.

Please, USCIS, please, look with favor on our Visa waiver. This is torture. You denied our Visa two years ago and we have been apart since then. We don't want to live elsewhere. We want to pay taxes, make a living and raise a family in the USA. Please, we have suffered enough. 


LizP said...

Sending virtual hugs and support from Oregon!!!

Denae said...

LizP- I miss you a heckofalot. ;) Thanks for the hugs. I do feel them and appreciate your comment here so much.