Friday Night Out

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mom and Dannen were in town this weekend and we had a fun time going to Crown and Goose. They ordered the Irish Whiskey beef sandwich and I had the Kensington Garden Salad which comes with artichoke hearts, cous cous and eggplant. Yumm!

A little later we hooked up with Whitney and her friends and went to Carleos and Barley's. Barley's had a great live band and even though we hated paying cover, it was worth it. They played eclectic 90s hits like "Baby Got Back" and George Michael's "Freedom."

Nice night and I just loved having my brother in town. Columbus may have a bit more going on but Knoxville isn't bad when it comes to an energetic vibe and a decent selection of places to hang out.

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