My Rapture Prediction

Saturday, 21 May 2011
I was raised in a conservative Christian home and was "saved" and baptized at the age of five. Shortly after I prayed with my Vacation Bible School teacher Rhoda, asking Jesus to come into my heart, I had a night at home that left me wide awake.

In my little, newly evangelized heart, I truly believed Jesus was going to come back to Earth THAT EVENING and we would all go to heaven.

My heart was pounding as I laid with eyes wide open in my bed. It was dark out and my parents were talking in the kitchen. I crept down the hallway and spied on them at the very bottom of the doorway. They seemed WAY too calm! I wondered if I should tell them: God is coming to get all "saved" people TONIGHT.

I slowly crawled back to my bedroom so my parents wouldn't know that I was awake (I was risking getting in big trouble being out of bed so late in the evening). In my bed I started to pray, "Is this the night you are coming back for us, Jesus? Give me some sort of sign. Should I go tell mom and dad you're on your way?" I remember even getting out of my bed, kneeling beside it, to make my prayer that much more serious. I must have grown tired and finally laid down to wait.

The next morning, the sun was shining and my family was there, breakfast on the table. I felt disappointed and out-of-touch with God. Did I read the signs incorrectly? That was the last time that I truly believed I knew when Christ would come to resurrect believers.

With the hubub about today being a possible Judgement Day, I just had to share my own experience with the End of Days. I smile now, thinking about my intense convictions, believing I knew what was coming.

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