Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Sunday, 1 May 2011

I work on Sunday nights, anchoring the 6 and 11pm newscasts for WATE 6 News. Around 10:15pm, I noticed on Twitter that President Obama was going to be making an "announcement" online. Strange. I mentioned it to my producer, Sarah and suggested we get some Obama b-roll ready for the top of the 11pm newscast in case it was something important.

We checked the AP wires and ABC's website for more information but didn't find anything. People on Twitter started discussing the speech. What could it be about? Finally CNN leaked that it was something to do with National Security.

NBC tweeted that it was going to carry the President's speech live on television, then ABC announced it would air the speech live as well.

10:30pm came and went. Around 10:40pm Twitter started blowing up with the news that the President would have details about Osama Bin Laden. I think CNN was the first to tweet the leak and the first on the air to break Osama Bin Laden's death. However, I found a story on the Atlantic Wire about how the story broke on Twitter.

I am amazed at the power of social networks. Breaking news is communicated at lightening speed and media outlets reported 4,000 tweets were sent out every minute of the President's speech.

What are your thoughts on Bin Laden's death?

I didn't have time to process it while at work but the news puts me in a somber mood. I don't feel like dancing, singing or chanting. I feel like taking a deep breath and meditating on all of those who have lost loved ones and have faced violence because of extremists. It also didn't make me feel more patriotic to see young guys holding American flags and bumping each other erratically outside the White House screaming U-S-A or singing "We are the champions." Those visuals will be shown all over the world to perpetuate the idea that Americans are prideful and arrogant. They remind me of the video from Iraq when 9-11 happened and people celebrated there holding flags and cheering.

Disclaimer: I do not think people gathering tonight at Ground Zero and the White House are wrong to express themselves. Who am I to say how people should react? My thought is just that jubilation is over the top in this situation.

Justice was served and I am so thankful for our talented, skilled and brave military forces that accomplished the mission. I am also thankful for government leaders who, despite absurd distractions this week, focused on the intelligence coming from Pakistan and made the right decision at the right time.

May God bless America.


Christine said...

I agree. The jubilation bothers me just a little. I can understand it, but still... people still died. Not just him, but others as well. Too many people on both sides have died and I'm sure it isn't over yet.

ismanet.org said...

I agree. The reaction supports why they hate us. It brings us down to their level - as does waterboarding them to get information.

Denae said...

Christine and ismanet.org,
Thank you so much for commenting here. This isn't an easy topic but I appreciate your thoughts and insight into how you reacted to the news and are still processing it.