Outdoor Room Design

Wednesday, 25 May 2011
I think I've blogged about my mother's design and decorating skills before. She is pretty amazing when it comes to making a space not only luxurious but comfortable. I'm the type to fill a house with second-hand furniture and lots of books and be done with it. So, whenever mom is in town and wants a "project" I always ask her to help me decorate. This time, we tackled the back deck. 

Last year, I bought a decent set of chairs and table from Craigslist, spray-painted it and added cushions. The look was perfect for a year but over the winter, things started getting a bit worn out. Here's a "before" picture:

Since my mom was visiting during May sweeps, I couldn't get time off from work so she spent a day shopping and getting ideas on her own. Once she figured out what she liked (I told her I wanted loungers!) she drew up a few layouts. Her initial design incorporated my old furniture but we decided not to use it in the final design.

I just love how it turned out. We found many of the items at Target (excellent prices) and the best deal of the day was the date palm tree from Home Depot for only $10 (they were having a major sale on trees.) The deck also looks much better with an outdoor rug down!

We found a cute little wicker set at TJ Maxx as well and decided to add it so there is an eating area. The chairs are surprisingly comfy. Thanks to mom for a great new outdoor space!

Lily especially loves the new lounge chairs!


Christine said...

It looks great! So peaceful and relaxing.

Denae said...

Thanks, Christine! I like to watch the birds and read a book from the deck now.