Sittin' by the Dock of the Bay

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

One night before dinner Kingsley and I had mom and dad drive us to the other side of the island near the resorts. Kings wanted to take some pictures of the sunset and I wanted to put my toes in the sand and explore a bit.

I love walking along the shoreline. Something about hearing the waves, watching the gulls and scanning the never-ending blue horizon is peaceful to me. It was also nice to watch Kings at work. He has taken up the hobby of photography enthusiastically and is animated and happy when discussing new techniques.

The funny part of it is - he loves taking shots of horizons and still life. I want him to get into taking pictures of people (namely he and I). After being along the beach for a couple of hours, I convinced him to take a few shots of us with the self timer and they are gorgeous (with the sun setting in the background). Too bad they are on his memory disk but I'll get a few copies to share here.

I also had some fun with photography and set up this shot with my camera. I found this gnarly old tree and used my self-timer for the picture. I was so happy this night in paradise with Kingsley. We were looking forward to dinner with my family on the beach later at an outdoor Caribbean "jerk" grill with a bonfire on the sand.

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