Turks and Caicos - Chef Tadd Frye

Saturday, 7 May 2011

One night my mom splurged on a private chef for my dad's birthday dinner. Chef Tadd Frye has traveled the world sharing his culinary talents and we were delighted to secure him for a night of delicious dinning. We enjoyed a cocktail hour, dinner and dessert. We had a 5 course meal plus starters and bartender Dodge was along to make blueberry Mojitos with a special light rum made on Turks and Caicos.

The appetizers were amazing. Chef Tadd served fresh conch salad which he prepared with lime juice, peppers and fresh herbs. Certainly the best we had on the island. That was served with grilled white asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, drizzled in palm oil and swept with fresh herbs.

For dinner, the first course was an absolutely amazing pumpkin soup with coconut milk. It was touched up with palm oil and a bit of scallions and cracked pepper. The texture was creamy and the taste was intense in a close-your-eyes-and-slowly-inhale kind of way.

The second course was a sinfully delicious salad (how can a salad be sinfully delicious?) made with hydroponic spinach, set on top of beet root with rich goat cheese and balsamic vinegar, aged 25 years. The taste combination was explosive in all the right ways. The woodsy taste of the spinach hit your mouth at the same time the beets gave a hint of sweet and sour. Yummy.

Our main course was a dish of grilled Mahi Mahi cooked to the perfect temperature. It was presented on a bed of cous cous with asparagus and a cherry tomato chutney with fresh basil on top. I loved every bite of the meaty goodness. It wasn't fishy and gave such a nice finish to the soup and salad. Chef Tadd searched that day for all of the freshest ingredients and used what was ready in the local markets.

For dessert, Chef Tadd surprised us all with a 25 year old Guatemalan rum after dinner drink served with coconut water and a gorgeous vanilla bean ice cream with ginger crisps.

A complete bonus of the evening? Our bartender, Dodge could play the guitar and sing. We even had live music! This was my most memorable evening of the trip and wish I could order such divine cuisine every evening.

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Chris F. said...

These pictures are making me hungry. I will have to put Turks and Caicos on my list of Future Places to Visit :) If I had the money and time, I would travel all over the world.