Breaking Bad

Sunday, 5 June 2011

My second TV series obsession of the year (you can read about Mad Men here) is Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is another AMC specialty (also the network where MM airs) starring Bryan Cranston.

Cranston plays Walt, a high school chemistry teacher who has lung cancer. He is brilliant but somehow got stuck in a non-challenging teacher career and his family struggles financially. Walt's son is disabled and his wife is accidentally pregnant at the age of 40 with their second child.

To help financially, Walt secretly hooks up with former chemistry student and young street guy Jesse and together they begin cooking and distributing methamphetamine. The series chronicles their dark adventures, peppered with veiled humor. There are certainly some grisly scenes but mostly I'm impressed with the editing, the story line and Cranston's amazing acting. Get this - he has won Emmys three years in a row for Lead Actor in a Drama Series.

The series is so successful in my opinion because Walt is the kind of guy everyone can identify with. He isn't attractive, he isn't rich, he lives a normal life and slowly transforms into a "hero" of sorts for using his knowledge of chemistry to outsmart the "bad guys" and raise money for his family. You can find the series on Netflix. 

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Annie said...

Cranston's acting is impeccable. And his chemistry with Aaron Paul is amazing. I think this show is the only one in which the pilot scene got me completely hooked from the very first second. I am usually somewhat cautious of shows that get a lot of hype, but with this one... I had to just let go. I was sucked in from the beginning. What a trip!!!!