Thursday, 2 June 2011
I so wish I had something interesting to blog about but I don't. I turn 32 years old in one month from yesterday and this is the first time that I've really noticed one month out that I have a birthday. I even tweeted to my followers, "Is there anything you wish you would have done in your early 30s looking back now?" It was funny, some people said that they wished they hadn't done a few things in their early 30s so that makes me feel safe. (I can fail and still bounce back according to others...)

My weekend was uneventful. I visited a dear friend Maureen (who did a reading at our wedding). She has a new son (her first) Dominic and he is precious. I got to hold him and he is only 1 month old! The afternoon was so special watching Mo with her son. She is a wonderful mother.

I also went to my piano lesson. We had so much fun learning G chords and adding a "seventh" to the sound. Very much a jazzy feel and that is what I love. At the end of the lesson I was honest with my teacher, Ben and told him there were moments during May that I really wanted to give up. Piano is great but so very complicated when it comes to playing more than just simple music. I told him about my thoughts: "I'm not smart enough to be a pianist." "Reading music is impossible. I can't do it." "Piano is too hard for me. I'm wasting my time." Thankfully, he is very understanding and encouraged me to practice and almost laughed when I told him about my thoughts. I think he believes in my ability.

My back lot was starting to grow up again so I weed-eated for hours today. I have a battery-powered Black and Decker weed-eater which I love. But when you have a long-term project like a huge back lot, you have to wait on the batteries to charge. No worries. In the mean time, I watered the garden again and noticed my tomatoes, peppers, squash and banana peppers are all about to bloom. Success!

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