If A Tree Falls in a Neighborhood...

Thursday, 23 June 2011
...will anyone hear it? Turns out, yes. This one made a large "boom" sound, according to my next door neighbors.

I was away this week visiting my parents for my upcoming birthday and during strong storms, my neighbors' tree fell. I feel so sorry for them because it is barely over the property line and man - it just isn't fair for anyone to have to deal with damage from acts of nature! However, I'm very, very thankful that no one was hurt and the thing literally fell directly between our houses (we are very lucky). My privacy fence and their garage suffered damage along with my neighbors' cars but they are repairable.

Nature is an amazing force to be reckoned with. A tornado didn't cause the enormous tree to fall but instead, straight-line winds, estimated to be between 60 and 80 miles per hour!

Other people in our area were not so lucky. Many are still without power and are dealing with trees that crashed through their roofs and made homes inhabitable. Tree cutting businesses are overwhelmed with calls and we will be patient while they get to this tree.

My neighbor enjoys building fires so he is going to use the tree for firewood. There will also be some pretty nice wood chippings and mulch so we'll all try to use that too. Recycling helps when Mother Nature gives you a "gift" like this.

Hope all is well at your house. Here's a quick video of the downed tree (can you tell I'm a bit fascinated?)...


Crystal Young said...

When my neighbor's tree fell on my house my dad took a log to his friend who turned a bowl out of it. Then my dad sent it to me as a gift. It was kind of an awesome way to turn it into something useful.

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