Jaunt to our Nation's Capitol

Friday, 17 June 2011

I have a couple of days off during the month of June (July is sweeps so there's no taking time off then) and decided to do something with those days. You probably read about my Writing Retreat 2. I also wanted to take the Mega Bus (which has recently begun service from Knoxville to Washington DC) north and the tickets were only $30 round trip. Friend and 6 News meteorologist Megan was willing to go with so we made a couple days of it.

The weather was absolutely perfect (80F, sunny, clear skies and slight breeze) on Wednesday so we started by going to The Mall and posing in front of the Washington Monument. Then, we worked our way through the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum where I renewed my awe of Amelia Earhart (she was the 2nd pilot to fly from Hawaii to the US) and the Wright Brothers (pioneers of air travel).

Above is Earhart's "Little Red Bus." She flew the Atlantic in this very plane. It is on display at the Smithsonian.

The Wright Brothers flew this plane lying down, facing forward. The aircraft was their invention and called the Wright Flyer. It was the first successful airplane, flown in 1903.

My favorite exhibits included the outfits of the flight attendants. They were incredibly stylish and oh-so-polyester. I have an affinity for vintage clothing and could not believe the awesome Emilio Pucci design. The pink suit with hat was amazing and you cannot see it in the picture but the Pucci outfit comes with tights that match the hat!

Next stop for us was the Smithsonian sculpture garden, better know as the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden. It was beautiful and peaceful. We enjoyed walking through the neatly maintained grassy paths and remarking on the art work that was unique enough to land such a prestigious space.

The garden is worth a tourist's time and we found ourselves remarking on the techniques used by the artists. Could we create something similar with what we learned in welding class? Doubt it but it is fun to dream.

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