Summer Shoe Dilemma

Saturday, 11 June 2011
It has been 96 degrees in Knoxville. That, to me, is very hot. Couple it with the oppressive humidity of the South and air quality alerts every day, and we have had a miserable spring. These hot temperatures have led to a wardrobe crisis of sorts.

As a television news reporter, I am required to work outside. We aren't outside all day every day but usually there's at least a couple of interviews to get outside and video of workers, a project, homeless people, etc., outdoors. (One of our biggest stories to cover has been, of course, the heat.) How is one supposed to dress in a professional way when the least amount of clothing is the most comfortable while outside? It isn't easy.

A skirt and a collared jacket or short-sleeve shirt or slacks is usually the uniform of choice but it's the shoes that trip me up - so to speak. In the winter, I'm covered. I invested in leather, tall boots of different colors (Furla black, riding, flat boots, Steve Madden tan, flat, tall boots and Michael Kors short, dark brown boots). I don't wear heels because it's the same story: we're outside in the snow and ice and I'm not falling on my rear for the sake of doing the sexy high-heel thing. I covered that in my 20s and got plantar fasciitis from wearing heels and standing on them every single day almost all day for five years.

So now, in the summer, what's a girl to wear on her feet? Boots won't work. It's too dang hot. I cannot wear flip flops and most sandals are open-toed which doesn't really work when some stories require that all people in the group have closed-toe shoes (think stories at TVA's plant, mechanic shop, building site...). I've tried to find cute flats but they are few and far between because this isn't the season for them. Yesterday I wore my Tahari patent brown heels with a bow and brought sandals for the car and office. Am I going to be stuck carrying two pair of shoes everyday for the rest of the summer? I need advice, please. 

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Casey said...

I wear cute sandals, open toed shoes etc at work but always keep a pair of basic flats in my bag to slip on as required (doing procedures, OR, etc...) Might be an option for you.