Veggie Garden Update

Friday, 10 June 2011
I have food! Tonight I went out to water the vegetable garden after pruning the herbs in the herb garden and I was able to harvest three radishes and three green onions. Wish I could say I did something more inventive with them besides washing them, dressing them and munching down with a tiny bit of salt but wow. They had a great flavor.

So far, nothing else is ready to be picked. My tomatoes are blooming but do not have fruit yet. The green bean plants seem happy but something is chowing on the leaves. Green beans are very easy to grow. You just plant the bean and they come up in no time.

The squash plants look amazing but I don't think the blooms have been pollinated yet. Fingers crossed for a great growing season!

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Crystal Young said...

You can do the duty with the squash yourself with a q-tip. Would make another great "Denae shows ya how to . . ." video.